Island Vape-N-Vibes

General Information, Disclaimers and Vaping Safety

Island Vape n Vibes does not accept responsibility for the use and/or misuse of the products sold by Island Vape n Vibes either on line or in store.

All of the products sold by Island Vape n Vibes are NOT drug paraphernalia, and are NOT designed to be used with dry herbs, oils, alcohol or any other type of recreational drug.

All rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods are intended for use by advanced users only (an advanced user is one that already learned the basic facts of vaping and now uses more difficult equipment). It is recommended that all atomizers be thoroughly cleaned before use, to remove any residual traces of machining oil and coolant. While the factory does attempt to clean the devices prior to sale, it is always best to do your own secondary cleaning to ensure cleanliness. If a rebuildable atomizer is already built with a wick and wire setup, it is also recommended to discard this setup, and to do a fresh build, as these factory-included builds tend to perform sub-par and may not be up to your standard of cleanliness.

Island Vape n Vibes or will not be held responsible for your use of the products sold, and it’s assumed that you understand the potential risks involved with using these devices. Island Vape n Vibes or is not responsible for any harm or damage caused to property, or personal injury. The products sold by Island Vape n Vibes and are intended to be used by responsible adults over the age of 18, or the legal smoking age in your parish, province, country or state - whichever is higher. Keep all of these products out of reach from pets and children.

Island Vape n Vibes and does NOT claim any products sold to be approved smoking cessation tools. Rather, they are a harm reduction tool or smoking replacement tool. If choosing to use these products as a smoking cessation tool, refer to your physician on a recommended nicotine dosage reduction plan to gradually wean yourself off nicotine dependency.

Lithium Ion Battery Warning:

CAUTION: When working with lithium cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may react with a violent exothermic reaction if mishandled.

Users should have enough knowledge of rechargeable lithium batteries in charging, discharging, and assembly before use.

Never leave batteries unattended when charging or while in use.

Do not put batteries or chargers on wood surfaces or carpet when charging. Make sure to charge in/on/around fire proof surroundings.

Properly rated rechargeable batteries should only be used as intended, for your specific application. KNOW THE BATTERY LIMITS when doing high performance vaporizing. Know the continuous discharge limits of your batteries, and how it applies to your resistance coil. DO NOT push beyond continuous discharge limits. Know Ohm's Law. Know Watt's Law. This knowledge can save your life, your property, and other's life and property around you.

Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.

Island Vape n Vibes is not responsible for damage of any modification to the batteries in form or shape.

Island Vape n Vibes is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries.

Island Vape n Vibes will not be held liable or responsible for the use and/or misuse of its products, which include, but are not limited to electronic cigarettes, Lithium batteries, and/or e-Liquid. Customer and Users should use at their own risk.